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Stanton, Elizabeth Cady.

Address on the Divorce Bill.


Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. Address…on the Divorce Bill. Before the Judiciary Committee of the New York Senate, in the Assembly Chamber, Feb. 8, 1861.
12mo.; printed wrappers; sewn. In a specially made cloth slipcase.
First edition of Stanton's eleven page address (paginated to 14) on this vital piece of legislation. Followed by a single page "List of Woman Rights Books, sold at the anti-slavery office and book depository" in Albany. Includes works by Fuller, Wollstonecraft, Wright, Child, Dall, Norton, Stanton, Beecher, Hurlburt, Lagouve (trans. Palmer), Phillips, Parker, Mills, Higginson, and Nichols, as well as reports on the ninth and tenth National Woman's Rights Conventions. The lower panel prints an advertisement, by Lydia Mott, "Agent," for "Books of the Times," offering a précis on the new "Depository for Anti-Slavery and kindred publications" in Albany, whence comes this small masterpiece of nineteenth-century feminist thought.

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