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Stanton, Elizabeth Cady.

Address to the Legislature of New York, 1854.


An Early Work By Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. Address to the Legislature of New York, Adopted by the State Woman's Rights Convention, Held at Albany, Tuesday and Wednesday, February 14 and 15, 1854...Albany: Weed, Parsons & Company, 1854.
8vo,; preliminaries lightly foxed; pale blue printed wrappers; folded vertically; few spots to front cover.
First and only edition of this early piece of suffrage literature. Prints the text of a lengthy address delivered by Stanton in her capacity as President of the New York State Suffrage Society; because she was a woman, Stanton was barred from delivering the talk personally-rather, copies of this address were distributed to members of the New York State Legislature on February 20, 1854.
This pamphlet dates from the first phase of Stanton's long and complex career, which was then concentrated on local New York State suffrage initiatives. In it she argues for married women's property rights; for the right of women to serve as jurors; for women's right to vote; and for a renewed recognition and respect due women by men. Even in this early tract, Stanton establishes herself as a spokesperson for all women. It reads in part:
In conclusion, then, let us say, in [sic] behalf of the women of this state, we ask for all that you have asked for yourselves in the process of your development, since the May Flower cast anchor side Plymouth rock; and simply on the ground that the rights of every human being are the same and identical. You may say that the mass of women of this state do not make the demand; it comes from a few sour, disappointed old maids and childless women. You are mistaken; the mass speak through us... (p. 18)

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