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Education] (Salmon, Lucy Maynard)

Addresses at the Memorial Service for Lucy Maynard Salmon.

Printed matter

[Salmon, Lucy Maynard]. Addresses at the Memorial Service for Lucy Maynard Salmon. Held at Vassar College March Sixth 1927. Poughkeepsie, NY: Vassar College, 1927.
8vo.; leaves folded in half, stapled; tied into cream wrappers, some wear to top.
First edition of four tributes to Lucy Maynard Salmon, who founded the history department at Vassar, and shaped the college library's early acquisitions. As a scholar, she published work on everything from domestic service to newspaper censorship, in all areas known for a "mental constitution which not only gave her the courage of her opinions but gave her opinions worth expending courage" (p. 10). Her philosophy included socialism and pacifism, views on historiography, and a particular educational predilection that influenced the Vassar community at large. The President of the college, Henry MacCracken, credits her with instituting the seminar, which he defines as "the discussion method and the interrelation of the topic of the small class and its work" (p. 30). A scarce document that memorializes and preserves the identity of a pioneer in women's education.

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