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Catt, Carrie Chapman.

Aims of Woman Suffrage, The.


Catt, Carrie Chapman. The Aims of Woman Suffrage. New York: The Equal Franchise Society, 1910.
Slim 12mo.; off-white wrappers, stapled; fine.     
First edition of this address, which Catt delivered before the Equal Franchise Society at the Garden Theatre, January 13th, 1910.
Catt's address, in the tradition of the battle cries and emotional campaigns of the American Revolution, is titled The Aims of Woman Suffrage, and reflects the fervor of the suffrage movement and its desire to break down social and political inequalities between the sexes:
The thing we want is liberty, liberty now, liberty forever, for every woman to become a part of a great social whole, and to have her influence upon the civilization that shall be developed by that society. It is our aim to demolish absolutely every barrier which has been set apart artificially by man-made legislation or man-made customs, and which limit though ever so little, the spread of men and women. It is our aim to destroy all standards of the old time which have taught most of these falsities concerning women to our present generation.

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