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Bloor, Ella Reeve, her copy) Dreiser, Theodore.

America Is Worth Saving.


From Mother Bloor's Library,
With Her Extensive Annotations
[Bloor, Ella Reeve]. Dreiser, Theodore. America is Worth Saving. New York: Modern Age Books, (1941).
8vo.; preliminaries lightly darkened; navy cloth, stamped in gilt; lightly used.
First edition. Dreiser, whose best-known novels An American Tragedy and Sister Carrie explore the inner lives of protagonists deeply affected by America's class system, was a prolific essayist. This collection is from the library of Mother Bloor, and is inscribed by her in a shaky hand with her assessment of its force: Ella Reeve Bloor. This book one of Dreiser's last contributions to an understanding of Democracy-shows his growth toward an understanding of the base of the scientific approach to that perfect knowledge of Democracy he desired and had been searching for all his life (1941). With Bloor's extensive annotations and marginal ticking throughout. A nice association copy linking two major radical thinkers.

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