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Goldman, Emma.

Anarchism and Other Essays.


Goldman, Emma. Anarchism and Other Essays. With A Biographical Sketch by Hippolyte Havel. New York: Mother Earth Publishing Company, 1911.
8vo.; frontispiece photograph of Goldman; grey cloth, stamped in black; a nice, crisp copy.
Together with:
Goldman, Emma. The Psychology of Political Violence. New York: Mother Earth Publishing Association, 1911.
8vo.; brown printed wrappers; disbound.
Second revised edition of Goldman's first book, published one year after the first. Signed, Emma Goldman on the front endpaper. With a first edition of Goldman's analytical essay about mob violence and prejudice.
Anarchism established Goldman as one of the pre-eminent sexual theorists of her time. The book
foregrounds sexual politics, condemns marriage as a coercive institution, denounces capitalism's "traffic in women" and forcing of women into prostitution as the only viable alternative to the impossible wages and conditions of "legitimate" labor, and attacks the hypocritical legal system for prosecuting the prostitute but not her clients.... Goldman elevates motherhood above woman's individual ambition, arguing that the "emancipated" woman must liberate herself from male-identified, self-centered careerism to be true to her "love instinct," "mother-instinct," "woman's soul," and natural impulse "to give of oneself boundlessly." (FCLE, pp. 435-6)
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