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Nightingale, Florence.

MANUSCRIPT: Annotated Book List.


From the Desk of Florence Nightingale
[Nightingale, Florence]. Annotated list of medical textbooks. N.p., n.d. [ca. 1882].
Single leaf measuring 7 x 8 3/4"; two creases from folding; written in ink with pencil emendations; lightly soiled. In a specially made cloth slipcase.
A list of medical textbooks sent to Florence Nightingale for review, and annotated by her with her commentary on the value of various titles for her institution. The document, which covers four pages, reads in full as follows, with Nightingale's marginal notes indicated below in bold:
Physiology-used here-
Annual Physiology
by Vincent J. Murché
Yes, please
Pub. By Blackie & Son 1/6 (?)
By Thomas London
Pub. By W&R ([ ] about 1/6)
This follows the Syllabus of
The Science and Art Dept. and treats of
i. Foods. diet & cooking
ii. Water and Beverages
iii. Air
iv. Removal of waste and impurities
v.  Shelter & warming
vi. Local conditions
vii. Personal Hygiene
viii. Treatment of slight wounds and accidents
Hygiene Advanced
By Arthur Newsholme M.D.
"Personal & Public Health"
To meet Science & art Adved. Syllabus.
Pub. By Geo. Gile & Sons 3/=
National Health Society's Rhymes 1d. each
And one other I know not by whom
Houses we live in
Homes we build
Food we eat etc.
x "Parkes practical hygiene'
(written for Army) 14/.
Is the work; and
Floating matter in the
air-germ theory-
+ Lyndall 7/6 are too big.
[Nightingale's notes:]
 x This we have in (immense!) quantities!
 + This we don't approve of
 I am afraid we are sending
 "bigger" books than these
 Let me have this list again.
Domestic Economy
By E. Rice
late Head
Mistress of Cheltenham Naming
College Pub. by Blackie &
Son about 1/6 or 2/=
Yes, please
gives short chapters on
Sickroom, Nurse, Care of
patient, Sickroom cooking
care of children etc.
All of the above excepting Nat. Heath Reform I think
you could see at the
Educational Publishing
(or Supply) Co. in Bride St.
by Blackfriar's Bridge.
Nightingale likely solicited and annotated this list of medical books in preparation for ordering material for training institutions throughout England and, perhaps, in the colonies as well.
Next to two entries, Domestic Economy and Animal Physiology, Nightingale wrote "yes please," and affixed symbols to two other volumes, which she explains in a key on the bottom left corner of the verso: of Floating Matter in the Air she wrote, "This we don't approve of," and in reference to Parkes Practical Hygiene, she reports, "This we have in (immense!) quantities!" She concludes with the note: "I am afraid we are sending 'bigger' books than these. Let me have this list again," showing the administrator at work.
The rise to power of Gladstone and other liberals in 1880 saw a host of social reforms in England and throughout the British colonies. During the early part of the decade Nightingale was empowered to initiate such improvements in health care as the acquisition of the most up-to-date medical equipment and information for the training and practice of nursing and higher medicine.

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