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Morrison, Toni.

ANNOTATED TRANSCRIPT: Writer in America. The.


Morrison, Toni. The Writer in America. Produced and directed by Richard O. Moore.
Photographed and edited by Philip Greene. Sound recording by Gene Doherty. Production
assistant Ruth Moore. New York: Educational Broadcasting Corporation, 1978.
4to.; annotated photocopy typescript; in folder with binder clip, labeled "Toni Morrison";
approximately 84 pp. in total, including dialogue transcription (67 pages), index (one page), and
reading excerpts photocopied from several novels (16 pages); production notes throughout in
pencil, red pencil, and ink; some minor creasing and wear at edges.
The 67-page unedited and unpublished audio transcript of Toni Morrison's October 1977
interview with Richard Moore for The Writer in America, a late-1970s documentary series that
Moore, a filmmaker, also produced and directed. The interview, which includes Morrison's
commentary on her life and writing as well as readings from her first three novels, was given over
several days as the crew followed her and filmed in a variety of locations (including "driving thru
Rockland with Toni Morrison" and "Toni leaving Random House"). The video footage and
standalone audio track were ultimately edited down to a running time of 28 minutes. Annotations
in the margins throughout the transcript include cues for reading (e.g., "Sula start," "transition to
Sula," "end of Sula") as well general one- or two-word summaries of subject matter (e.g., "her
writing," "Sammy," "new book"); some text is bracketed or underlined. Within the transcript are
passages photocopied from The Bluest Eye (1970), Sula (1974), and The Song of Solomon
The Writer in America series began in 1975 and featured interviews with Janet Flanner, John
Gardner, Ross Macdonald, Toni Morrison, Muriel Rukeyser, Eudora Welty, and others. Moore
also produced and directed the 1960s Poetry USA series, which included interviews with John
Ashbery, Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg, Kenneth Koch, Denise Levertov, Robert Lowell, Frank
O'Hara, Charles Olson, Ed Sanders, Anne Sexton, and many more.

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