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Anti-Suffrage Pledge Form.

Printed matter

Anti-Suffrage Pledge Form. [NP], [ND, but ca. 1915-1920].
5" x 3," printed on white card stock. A touch of age-toning, but fine.
The pledge form emulates pro-suffrage pledge forms widely used in woman suffrage referendums throughout the northeast states from 1915 through 1920. The card bears the legend: "I Am Opposed To Woman's / Suffrage" with subsequent lines for "Name" and "Street." A Mrs. Ida C. Humphrey of 77 Warren has signed the form. Suffragists asked supporters to sign such pledge forms at meetings, rallies and other suffrage events. Whether the forms originated with pro- or anti-suffragists is unclear, but certainly both groups understood the importance of winning commitments from both men and women to their cause. A staple campaign tactic during these last fervid years of suffrage activity.

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