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Anthony, Susan B.

Appeal to the Women of the United States by the National Woman Suffrage and Educational Committee…, An.


By Susan B. Anthony, Et. Al.:
An Early Piece Of Campaign Literature
Urging Woman's Right To Vote
Anthony, Susan B. An Appeal to the Women of the United States by the National Woman Suffrage and Educational Committee, Washington, D.C... Hartford: Case, Lockwood & Brainard, 1871.
8vo.; one leaf, folded to make 4 pages; printed on all sides; fine.
First and only edition of this early piece of suffrage literature. Written by the "National Woman Suffrage and Educational Committee," a six member group comprised of Susan B. Anthony, Mary C. Bowen, Paulina W. Davis, Ruth C. Denison, Josephine S. Griffing, and Isabella B. Hooker.
In 1871, Anthony set off on a draining national lecture tour which was intended to lobby support for woman's suffrage. This publication no doubt served as a key selling point and reference text on that campaign. In it, Anthony announces the formation of a woman's suffrage lobbying organization:
The present time is specially favorable for the earnest presentation before the public mind of the question of the political rights of women...To carry on this great work a Board of six women has been established, called "The National Woman Suffrage and Educational Committee," whose office at Washington it is proposed to make centre of all action upon Congress and the country, and with whom through their Secretary, resident there, it is desired that all associations and individuals interested in the cause of woman suffrage should place themselves in communication. The committee propose to circulate the very able and exhaustive Minority Report of the House Judiciary Committee on the constitutional right of woman to the suffrage, and other tracts on the general subject of woman suffrage. They also propose ultimately, and as a part of their educational work, to issue a series of tracts on subjects vitally affecting the welfare of this country, that women may become intelligent and thoughtful on such subjects, and the intelligent educators of the next generation of citizens.
Anthony next asks women everywhere to join the fight: "Dear Friends: The question of your rights as citizens of the United becoming the great question of the day...This is pre-eminently the birth-day of womanhood..."; and appeals, of course, for money with which to continue the struggle: "A large printing fund will therefore be needed by the Committee...We ask every thoughtful woman to send her name...and if she is able, one dollar..."
A fascinating and important piece of feminist political literature. Uncommon today, it was apparently scarce even at the time of issue-"The Committee are already receiving urgent appeals from women all over the United States to send them our publications," we read on page four of this text:
The little light they have already received concerning their rights under the constitution, and the present threatening political aspect of the country, made them impatient of ignorance on these vital points. A single Tract has often gone the rounds in a neighborhood until worn out, and the call is for thousands and thousands more...

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