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Drucker und Frau, A.

ARCHIVE: German Émigré Family


Emigration Archive
[Judaica] Drucker Family. Ca. 1930s.
A fascinating archive that traces the life in Germany and the escape to America of the wife and son of a German doctor just before all doors were shut. Arthur Drucker served in WWI and married Johanna at the end of the war. His wife Hannah was a Polish Jewish woman from Silesia. They lived in Dortmund where Drucker practiced. He died in 1933. In 1934, she got a passport and began to travel in Europe. Her son Peter got a passport in 1935. In January 1939, just before the gates closed, they emigrated to the United States, where Mrs. Drucker remarried a Mr. De Vere. Peter then became Peter De Vere.
Includes the following items:
Three albums of photographs of Peter Drucker, Hannah Drucker and other family members during their travel through Europe in the 1930s:
one has a note on the photographs in Peter's hands with his sarcastic comments, but showing various family members identified. Another album features photos of the infant Peter in 1923.
one album - approximately 15 items - relating to Arthur Drucker's military and early medical career, including a 1912 RR card; several original articles on medicine including his dissertation; and miscellaneous obituaries and documents related to his 1933 death.
one album illustrating the Drucker's 1935 holiday; 40-50 vintage photos of the family in Germany; and approximately 150 later snapshots showing Peter with his partner at their Los Angeles home and on a trip to Germany.
This archive demonstrates the complete naturalization process as immigrants came to the United States on the eve of World War II.

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