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Roosevelt, Eleanor.

Autograph poem signed.


Roosevelt, Eleanor. Autograph poem, signed "E.R.," c. late 1930s; "The History of a Blue Sweater."
Single leaf; White House letterhead imprinted in gilt; with transcription and black and white photo of Eleanor knitting. Framed.
Text of poem:
The History of a blue Sweater
I've travelled by air & by water,
Also by rail and by motor,
Down the Potomac, up to Maine
To Boulder Dam & Los Angeles fame.
I've sat thro' meetings & visited mines
I've grown from an infant to man's full size
Till at last on the stage I made an appearance,
The final fling before getting my clearance.
Now I belong to John the beloved
And happy I'll be till I'm shrunk and depleted.
When that day comes I'll demand a successor,
And Buzz can become my proud possessor.
A remarkable relic of the domestic side of Eleanor's tenure at the White House.
The "John" in the poem is Anna's husband John Boettiger; "Buzz" is Anna's son from a previous marriage, Curtis Roosevelt Dall. The letter and photograph are from Anna's estate, acquired directly from John Boettiger.

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