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Dickinson, Anna.

Autograph sentiment signed, “Anna E. Dickinson,”


"Above All Things Liberty!"
Anna E. Dickinson Autograph Sentiment Signed
Dickinson, Anna E. Autograph sentiment signed, "Anna E. Dickinson," [September?] 5, 1871; one ca. 4 x 6 ¾ -inch leaf; torn from (likely an) autograph book; with 1873 note by G.H. Kerr on verso.
A small leaf, apparently excised from an autograph book, bearing the patriotic words of Anna Dickinson, the first woman to address the United States Congress. The leaf reads: Above all things - Liberty! and is signed on the following lines, Very truly yours/Anna E. Dickinson/ [Sep?] 5, 1871.. On the verso, in another hand is: Avoid extremes, signed with best wishes, G.A. Kerr/ Lansingburgh, N/Y/ Senate Winter term of '73 and a small note in the upper left corner, Remember our profitable chats.

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