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Arendt, Hannah.

Between Past and Future.


Harold Rosenberg's Annotated Copy Of Arendt's Essays
Arendt, Hannah. Between Past and Future: Six Exercises in Political Thought. New York: Viking Press, 1961.
8vo.; blue cloth; blue, black and yellow dust-jacket.     
First edition. From the library of critic and longtime Arendt intimate Harold Rosenberg, with his ownership signature, frequent ticking and occasional marginal remarks throughout. Between Past and Future prints six essays, all considerably expanded from their original periodical appearances-in Partisan Review, Daedalus, Chicago Review, and others. In them Arendt considers such broad questions as "What Is Authority?" and "What Is Freedom?" and also tackles more narrow, topical concerns such as "The Crisis in Education" and "The Crisis in Culture: Its social and its political significance." Throughout these essays, Rosenberg has set-off passages with frequent marginal ticks; in about a dozen instances he has added commentary. In the preface, for example, he notes: "The dramatic implication & its thought is dramatic & tends toward the finality of gesture. This path [leads] into disagreement." Rosenberg makes another remark which merits quoting, during Arendt's discussion of freedom, when she writes: "Independent existence marks the work of art as a product of making; utter dependence upon further acts to keep it in existence marks the state as a product of action" (153). Rosenberg counters: "Of course, modern criticism has made it clear that no works of art enjoy 'an independent existence!'"

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