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Aguilar, Grace.

Collected Works: Mother's Recompense (1890); Days of Bruce (1890); Woman's Friendship (1889); Women of Israel (1889); Vale of Cedars (1889); Home Scenes (1889).


The First American Edition
Of Aguilar's Collected Works
Compiled, With Commentary, By Her Mother
Aguilar, Grace. Collected Works, consisting of seven volumes: Home Scenes and Heart Studies (1889); The Vale of Cedars; Or, The Martyr (1889); Women of Israel (1889); Woman's Friendship: A Story of Domestic Life (1889); The Days of Bruce; A Story From Scottish History (1890); Home Influence: A Tale of Mothers and Daughters (1890); and The Mother's Recompense: A Sequel to Home Influence (1890). New York: D. Appleton and Company.
7 vols., 8vos.; frontispiece illustrations; other illustrations throughout; brown endpapers; blue cloth, elaborately stamped in gilt, burgundy and blind; some minor signs of wear; a very pretty set.
First American edition of Aguilar's collected works; preceded by the 8-volume British collected edition, edited by Moses Mocatta, published in 1861. This American edition was edited by one of Aguilar's most loyal promoters, her mother Sarah, who contributed prefaces to many of the volumes. After Grace's premature death, Sarah vowed to carry forth her daughter's legacy and to establish her place in the literary canon. With the publication of these volumes, Sarah completed her mission. The second volume prints a poignant "Memoir of Grace Aguilar" by her mother, which reads in part:
Her life was short and checkered with pain and anxiety, but she strove hard to make it useful and valuable, by employing diligently and faithfully the talents with which she had been endowed. Nor did the serious view with which she ever regarded earthly existence, induce her to neglect or despise any occasion of enjoyment, advantage, or sociality which presented itself. Her heart was open to receive, her hand to give.

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