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Beecher, Catharine.

Evils Suffered, The, by American Women and American Children.


Beecher, Miss C[atharine].E. The Evils Suffered by American Women and American Children: The Causes and the Remedy. Presented in an address by Miss C.E. Beecher. To meetings of ladies in Cincinnati, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and other cities. Also, an address to the Protestant Clergy of the United States. New York: Harper & Brothers, (1846).
8vo.; printed wrappers; removed from a bound volume with holes along left margin; light foxing throughout.
First edition of Beecher's collection of addresses regarding the disadvantages that American women and children face and how society, and specifically the Church, might intervene to improve the situation.  The first address to "Ladies and Friends" focuses on the shortage of teachers and adequate school facilities in many parts of the country and the deplorable working conditions for women in the mills. Beecher implores her fellow Christians to unite to raise awareness of these issues so that the clergy may take a more active interest in the cause. The second address, to the Protestant clergy, is a direct appeal to Protestant church leaders to match the "vigor and wisdom" (p. 17) of the Catholic church in terms of social outreach by founding schools and seminaries for young women and promoting Christian education. The pamphlet concludes with instructions as to how one can contribute money or apply to become a teacher. Sabin 4291. OCLC locates nine other copies, RLC lists one reprint included in a volume with other Beecher pamphlets.  

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