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Becker, Lydia E.

Franchise for Women, The. Slipcased with 7667.


Becker, Lydia E. The Franchise for Women. Reprinted, by permission, from the "Contemporary Review," for March, 1867. Manchester: A. Ireland & Co., Printers, [1867].
8vo.; 15 pages; self-wrappers.
Boxed together with:
Becker, Lydia E. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. A reply to Mr. Fitzjames Stephen's Strictures on Mr. J.S. Mill's Subjection of Women. Reprinted from the "Women's Suffrage Journal." Manchester: A. Ireland & Co., Printers, 1874.
8vo.; 27 pages; contemporary ownership signature to cover; self-wrappers.
Offprint issues of Becker's first paper on women's suffrage, with an offprint issue of a later essay.
Becker (1827-1890) wrote several books on botany and Astronomy. In 1867 she founded the Manchester Ladies Literary Society, intended as a place for women to study science, of which she was president. After hearing a paper read by Barbara Bodichon on the "Reasons for the Enfranchisement of Women"  in October, 1866, she was inspired to spend the rest of her life working on this cause. Becker continued to write articles about the need for parliamentary reform and in 1870 she established the Women's Suffrage Journal. Becker was also involved in other feminist campaigns. In 1868 she became treasurer of the Married Women's Property Committee and also joined Josephine Butler in her campaign against the Contagious Diseases Acts. Indeed, Becker wrote three letters of encouragement to Susan B. Anthony (The History of Woman Suffrage, Vol. III, by Susan B. Anthony, et. al., pp. 62,121, 249). She afterward became secretary of the Manchester Society for the Enfranchisement of Women.
The first political writings by one of the most important British suffragists is rare: not in OCLC, the Oxford on-line catalogue, nor The British Library; 19th Century STC 2B14179 locates a copy at the National Library of Scotland only. Together with an important later essay.
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