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Wright, Frances.

Free Enquirer, The.


Wright, Frances and Robert Dale Owen, editors and proprietors. The Free Enquirer. IV.52; V.3, 4, 7, 8, 9-11, 13-27, 29-35, 37-51-V. (October 1832-October 1833).
44 vols., 4to.; folded signatures, string-tied; title page and index bound in at rear; pages eaten away at right bottom tip, obscuring a small portion of text of first dozen leaves, and at right top tip of final handful of leaves, not obscuring text; pages occasionally browned. In a specially made quarter-morocco slipcase.
A nearly complete run of a year of The Free Enquirer, with the owner's signature, J.G. Ford, on the top of nearly every cover. The first issue is the last bearing the legend "Frances Wright & Robert Dale Owen, Editors & Proprietors; a few others note publication by Benjamin H. Day, until H.D. Robinson assumed both editorship and proprietorship, which he retained for the balance of the issues included here.

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