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I Am Not a Practicing Angel.


Inscribed to Pauline Kael
Alta. I am Not a Practicing Angel. Foreword by Marge Piercy. Drawings by Raymond Larrett. Trumansburg, New York: The Crossing Press, 1975.
8vo.; wrappers; perfect bound; spine worn.
First edition. A presentation copy, inscribed on the verso of the upper cover to Pauline Kael. For Pauline - my buddies & I used to tell my Mom we were going to A & W in Castro Valley, & sneak off to yr. movie house to watch Pull My Daisy, Oedipus Rex, The Fatal Glass of Beer, etc. A mild vice, in retrospect, but invaluable. Cheers, Alta.
One of the most influential American movie critics, Kael is best known for her celebrated columns in The New Yorker.  
Alta explained in an interview with Irene Reti (from the Library at the University of Santa Cruz, California), that while she rarely mixed with other printers and publishers within the small alternative press community, in many cases, such as this, she was receptive to the idea of a collaboration. In fact, not even half of her dozen-plus books were self-published:  Letters to Women (1970), Song of the Wife, Song of the Mistress (1970), No Visible Means of Support (1972), and Letters to Women (1976).

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