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Aviation] Stiles, Barbara A.

LETTER: Typed letter signed, to Joan Dixon from the newly formed Women Flyers of America. With application for enrollement and related leaflet.


Typed signed letter, to Joan Dixon, from the newly formed Women Flyers of America, Inc., with application for enrollment and related leaflet, 1940.
A letter in response to Dixon's interest in the group, describing a recent Connecticut meeting with
over a hundred women attending, and the discussion that followed, and describing the goals of
the organization: Our purpose, as an organization, is to gather together into one national
organization all women who are interested in and wish to be affiliated with aviation. We have as
our members pilots who have held licenses for many years, girls who are only now learning to
fly, girls interested primarily in the ground work of aviation, and girls like myself who are simply
interested in what women can accomplish in this field and are anxious to give whatever abilities
they possess to furthering the cause. She goes on to note: ... our primary purpose, in these
times, is to have available to Washington the names of girls who each are willing to serve their
country to the best of their abilities. Girls who have their pilot's licenses can be used to ferry
planes from factories to fields, to carry medicines and supplies, and as ambulance pilots. ...
because for every job our members can fill there will be a man released for active combat. Stiles
gives much additional information and advice on how to join, and where to learn more about
flying, and invites Dixon to call her.
With a four page brochure about the organization, and a separate one-page application. An
interesting letter showing women moving into previously male dominated professions.

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