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Woolf, Virginia.

LETTER: Typed letter signed, "Virignia Woolf," to "Signora [Sibilla] Aleramo."


Woolf, Virginia. Typed letter signed, "Virginia Woolf," to Sibilla Aleramo, December 18, 1931, one leaf of Hogarth Press letterhead, one page.
A terrific letter indicative of Woolf's international influence. She writes to the Italian feminist, novelist, poet, literary critic, journalist, political activist and campaigning lesbian - a veritable Italian Virginia Woolf! - commenting graciously on an article Aleramo wrote on Orlando  and sent to Woolf: "Believe me, I am very grateful to you for you kindness and intelligent understanding of my work." She explains that her delay in writing is due to her habit of putting of "answering letters such as yours until I have a moment when I can write in person, and not by the hand of a secretary." The fact that there are several typos in this letter is proof of that: Woolf was not the most skilled of typists, and a pristine letter is often a sign that she farmed out the chore.  
A brief but moving communication, in which Woolf agrees to receive a copy of Aleramo's book - after Aleramo's second request: "My Italian is scanty, but I am able to read enough to enjoy Italian literature. And from your kindness and the charm of your article I am sure that I should enjoy what I could understand of your work."

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