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Wilson, Alice, subject) Gallacher, Ellen and Gwen Roe.

MANUSCRIPT: Alice Wilson Rock Doctor.


Sharing a Role Model
[Children's Literature] Ellen Gallacher and Gwen Roe. Alice Wilson Rock Doctor. Post-1920s.
Horizontal 4to.; 28pp.; with 23 watercolor illustrations; comb-bound laminated pages with applied illustrations and handwritten lettering; pockets on the rear flap, two cards inserted; light wear.
A book - or, perhaps, a book proposal - for a children's book created as a project by art students or student teachers. It tells the story of Alice Wilson, a pioneering Canadian paleontologist, geologist, and professor, following her adventures on an early expedition with another female geologist collecting fossil samples on the shores of Lake Winnipeg in 1921. The book includes an lengthy biography of Wilson - the first female geologist in Canada - 23 watercolor folk-art style illustrations of various events from the story (camping, fishing, digging for fossils, an incoming storm, etc.), and four pockets on the inside rear cover with cards (two of which are missing) that suggest activities for children after finishing the book: "Make a Rock Collection" or "Make a Fossil."
Wilson's book The Earth Beneath Our Feet was published in 1947 (Toronto: Macmillan), and she has been the subject of numerous book chapters and articles since then. She is also the subject of at least one published children's book - Michael Webb's Alice Wilson : telling the earth's story (Mississauga : Copp Clark Pitman, 1991). The present work was apparently unrealized.

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