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Walker, Mary E.

MANUSCRIPT: Autograph manuscript signed in the text.


Manuscript Biographical Notes
Walker, Mary E[dwards]. Manuscript biographical notes. ND [Ca. 1870-1900].
One ca. 5 x 6 ½ -inch hand-cut leaf; black ink; recto only.
A short resume for the American feminist Mary Edwards Walker listing her accomplishments for the women's cause. The note, written in her hand, reads:
Mary E. Walker, MD, NP, AA Surgeon, War 1861-5
Author of Crowning Constitution Argument, through which, 9 states have woman suffrage. First woman to attend a Law College, and first woman to go to the U.S. Congress in the interest of woman, and succeeded in getting an Act passed to change revenue laws.
Walker graduated from the nation's first medical school, Syracuse Medical College in June 1855, the only woman in her class. After opening her own medical practice, Walker volunteered as a surgeon with the Union Army at the onset of the Civil War. At one point in the war, Walker was captured and arrested by Confederate forces after she crossed enemy lines to treat wounded civilians. After the war, she was awarded the Medal of Honor for her efforts, the only woman to receive the medal and one of only eight civilians to receive it.
At the end of her life, Walker became a writer and lecturer supporting the women's suffrage movement, working closely with Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton ("Mary Edwards Walker: Civil War Doctor." St. Lawrence County, NY Branch of the American Association of University Women).

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