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Barnes, Djuna.



Barnes, Djuna. Nightwood. London: Faber and Faber Ltd., (1936).
8vo.; printed on proofing paper; yello wrappers.
Uncorrected proof of the first edition of Barnes's masterwork. Printed on proofing paper, and at odds with the published text. An entire line is added or subtracted in a few pages. On a couple dozen pages, there minor word additions and deletions (pages 27-28, 41-42, 57-58, 65-66, 70-71, 115, 125, 147-148, 174- 175, 196-197). The changes, though not ground-breaking, serve to clarify and enhance the text. Just one example will give a representative sense: "and I went limp as a blotter" (p. 41) becomes, in the first edition, "and I went limp as a blotter snatched from senate."
Provenance: From the library of New Directions editor Ned Erbe

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