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Pardon of Women.


Queen Victoria Pardons Women
(Victoria, Queen). Signed Pardon of Women. August 9, 1854.
Folio; 6 pages with intact seal and original ribbon tie; lateral tear through the pages at the fold. In a specially made cloth slipcase.  
Original document boldly signed in a large hand at the top of first page by Queen Victoria, Victoria R., pardoning 23 named female felons convicted of larceny and various misdemeanors. Additionally signed by Lord Palmerston.
Addressed "To our trusty and well beloved The Governor of the House of Correction at Westminster in the County of Middlesex, and all others whom it may concern / By Her Majesty's Command" and signed, "Palmerston" beneath, it reads as follows:
Whereas the following persons are now under sentence of imprisonment in the House of Correction at Westminster they having been convicted of the offences at the times and places expressed against their respective names, Viz. Margaret Atkins of larceny at Westminster in June 1853, Mary Manning of Larceny at Clerkenwell in September 1853, Ann McGrath, Ann Keens, Emma Durand and Louisa Ward of Misdemeanor  ... We in consideration of some circumstances humbly represented unto us, are graciously pleasant to extend our Grace and Mercy unto them, and to grant them our Free Pardon for the crimes of which they severally stand convicted. Our Will and Pleasure therefore is that you cause them the said Margaret …. to be forthwith discharged out of custody. And for so doing this shall be your Warrant. Given at our Court at St. James's the ninth day of August 1854 in the Eighteenth year of Our Reign.

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