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Women's Liberation]

Photographic Archive of the Women's Liberation Movement.


[Women's Liberation] Archival Photograph Collection of Women's Liberation Movement
--Line Up For Women's Liberation... Rome: 1976.
11 x 8 inches.
AP wire photo, photographer unknown. Holograph notes on verso. Three women walk past a row of women's liberation posters that were illegally posted Monday on special bulletin boards set up by Rome's city government for political posters advertising forthcoming campaign for general elections. Elections scheduled for June 20-21, 1976. Near fine.
--Symbols of Oppression. London/New York: Keystone Press Agency, 1971.
Approximately 7 x 8 1/2 inches; vintage silver gelatin photograph; press agency stamp and typed photograph description on verso; some creases and closed tear to upper left corner.
Image of a stocking, shopping bag, vest and apron on a crucified tailor's dummy, all symbols of oppression, carried by marchers in the Women's Liberation Movement to the meeting in Trafalgar Square where they presented a petition to Prime Minister Heath demanding equal pay, free contraception, and abortion. More than 1,000 militant women took part.
--Women's Liberation Movement Holds Rally In Trafalgar Square After March From Hyde Park. New York/London: Keystone Press Agency, 1971.
8x10 inches; vintage silver gelatin photograph; two press stamps and article describing photograph on verso with holographic editing.
Image of the Women's Liberation Movement as they grouped in Hyde Park before marching to their first rally in Trafalgar Square. On route they handed in a petition at No. 10 Downing Street for the Prime Minister, calling for free 24 hour child care, free contraception, and equal wages.
--Women's Liberation Movement March from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square. New York/London: Keystone Press Agency, 1971.
9 ½  x 7 ¾ inches; vintage silver gelatin photograph; three press stamps and typed article describing photograph on verso; some minor scratching to bottom edge, not effecting image.
The Women's Liberation Movement marching for the first time in Britain; photo shows that some of the women militants dressed well for the march.
--Robinson, Ralph L. Black Women's United Front. Sun Paper: 1975.
9 x 7 inches; vintage silver gelatin photograph; photography stamp, original newspaper article, and holographic notes on verso; black marks showing cropping points, not effecting image.
A delegation from the Black Women's United Front marching in front of the Western district police station, protesting the rape of a 15-year old school girl on October 6. Officer Roy Stephen Drain, 24, was charged with the attack and suspended, pending trial.
--Equal Rights Rally in Washington, July 4, 1981. 1981.
8 ½  x 6 ¾ inches; AP laser.
Photo of Gloria Steinem of the National Organization for Women attending an Equal Rights Amendment rally outside the White House.
--Velasquez, Phil. Gloria Steinem Interview. Chicago: Chicago Sun-Times, 1986.
8 x 10 inches; vintage silver gelatin photography; newspaper stamp, clip of original article, holograph notes, and an official newspaper form all on verso; some minor discoloring to right and left foredge of border, not effecting image.
--Women Support Rights Of Unborn Children - Mia Farrow Joins The Fight. New York: Keystone Press Agency, 1976.
10 x 8 inches; vintage silver gelatin photograph; some minor wrinkling to right fore edge.
Mia Farrow pictured outside the St. Stephen's entrance of the House of Commons with a great pile of petitions. These petitions called for tighter abortion laws and to institute programs which will provide justice for women "under pressure."
--Siebert, Jefferson. New York City: June 30, 1981 - The National Organization For Women (Now). New York: Keystone Press Agency, 1981.
10 x 8 inches; vintage silver gelatin photograph; agency stamp, typed article about photo, and photographer copyright stamp on verso.
NOW held a rally on the steps of the New York Public Library to rally support for getting the Equal Rights Amendment ratified before the time ran out exactly one year from this date.
--Alpert, Brian. International Women's Day. New York: Keystone Press Agency, 1975.
10 x 8 inches; vintage silver gelatin photograph; press agency stamp and holograph notes on verso.
--Thayer, Stuart E.R.A. Pickers (All 6 of Them). St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg Times, 1975.
8 ½  x 6 ¾  inches; vintage silver gelatin photograph; newsprint attached with tape to verso with date and stamp of newspaper; holograph notes and official newspaper form on verso as well. Several advocates of the Women's Equal Rights Amendment marched around the Manatee County courthouse in Bradenton.
--League of Women Voters. New York: Keystone Press Agency, 1970.
5 x 7 inches; vintage silver gelatin photo; agency stamp and tag on verso.
For the Flint, MI Journal.
-- Jarecki, Edmund. Women's Strike for Equality. [New York]: Daily News, 1970.
14 x 11inches; vintage silver gelatin photograph; news article attached to verso with holograph writing and press stamp; front has a few minor red marks, presumably from red pen used on verso.

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