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Women's Lib] Waisbrooker, Lois.

Sex Symposium, A.


[Women's Lib] Waisbrooker, Lois, contributor. "A Sex Symposium (Part III)" [in:] Soundview: A
Magazinelet Devoted to the Obstetrics of Thought and the Philosophy of Existence . . . Vol. III, no. 5.
[Wrapper title]. Olalla, Washington: Soundview Company, March, 1905.
Small 8vo, original printed wrappers, [129]-160 pages, 8 pages of ads, plus tipped-in sample wrappers and
ads, plus a six-page "Soundview Jr." (First Quarter, 1906) printed on green paper. Two inserted double
side plates; browned and chipped.
First edition.
A curious little magazine, clearly modeled on the Philistine, published in part by the eccentric reformer
Lewis Ellsworth Rader, who had settled in Olalla in 1901 and was a peripheral figure in the utopian and
anarchist experimental colonies at Home and Burley. There is much here about Hubbard, as well as such
causes as dietary reform, or (in the case of this article from late in the life of the radical feminist anarchist
Waisbroker) sexual reform--a typical call for sexual liberation and feminism, and one of the scarcer
examples of a Waisbroker publication, published shortly after she had left the experimental anarchist
utopian community of Home, Washington.
"What is to be done? Woman must claim herself, repudiate the injustice and refuse to be crusht. What right
have that trinity of tyrants, church, state, and public opinion to say to woman, You shall not be a mother,
only as an outcast, unless you pledge the use of your body legally to some man during life? How long will
the sex submit to such usurpation?"
OCLC notes only one complete file of this magazine (at the Huntington) and of the five other locations no
more than scattered numbers (and none of this one) or even in the case of the New York State Library, "No
copies available in any library."

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