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White, Tyra.



White, Tyra. Sketchbook. [New York City]: 2002.
8 ½ x 11 inches; 74 original sketches, most dated and signed; some characters are titled and the amount of time to sketch recorded; spiral bound with transparent cover.  
Tyra White was 16 years old when she sketched these "flirty blends of Japanese drawing style." She is now at 27 years old, a cutting edge artist that is taking the black art scene by storm. She clearly details all her drawings and merges sci-fi with dark skinned women, creating a world where black women are futuristic pioneers in a "dreamscape all their own." She is one of the artists on the site Deviant Art and has worked for many companies, including Heaven Sigh. White is planning on launching her own comic book series in the near future. An early relic from a future comic artist. Uniquely rare.

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