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Adler, Renata.



Both States Of The Proof
Adler, Renata. Speedboat. New York: Random House, (1976).
8vo.; red wrappers.
(Together with)
Adler, Renata. Speedboat. New York: Random House, (1976).
8vo.; red wrappers, labeled by hand on spine and cover.  $400
Two distinct states of the uncorrected proof of Adler's first novel; with a promotional photo loosely inserted into each. Both are inscribed by Adler to New York bookseller Burt Britton: To Burt, The Random House bureaucracy's mistake, an accident I thought I'd taken all copies of, Love, R. 10/3/76.; and For Burt, with Love, Renata 10/3/76. The earlier of the two, the "bureaucracy's mistake," is dramatically different from the second version: in addition to listing "Castling" under its original title, "Lost," it includes "Soda Cracker," a piece withdrawn before final publication. The later state contains several autograph emendations, with several lines of text struck through, and a paragraph cut and taped in to replace one with an accidentally repeated phrase. Britton, an important figure at the Strand bookstore during the 1970s, was co-founder of the Madison Avenue literary haunt, Books &Co., shuttered in the later 1990s.
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