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Medical - Nursing] Chicago Sanitary Commission.

Appeal to the Women of the North-West.

Appeal to the Women of the North-West.

Anthony, Susan B.

Appeal to the Women of the United States by the National Woman Suffrage and Educational Committee…, An.

By Susan B. Anthony, Et. Al.:
An Early Piece Of Campaign Literature
Urging Woman's Right To Vote
Anthony, Susan B. An Appeal to the Women of the United States by the National Woman Suffrage and Educational Committee, Washington, D.C... Hartford: Case, Lockwood & Brainard, 1871.
8vo.; one...

Labor] Hopkins, Ellice and Emily Janes.

Appeal to Working Men and Women, An.

Appeal to Working Men and Women, An.

International] Balch, Emily Greene.

Approaches to the Great Settlement.

A Female Scholar Tackles The Question
Of Germany's Power And Of The Resettlement Of Refugees After World War I
[International Feminism]. Balch, Emily Greene. Approaches to the Great Settlement. With a Bibliography of Some of the More Recent Books and Articles Dealing With International...

Approaches to the Great Settlement.

Cather, Willa.

April Twilights.

Inscribed To Cather's Early Literary Mentor
Cather, Willa. April Twilights. Poems by Willa Sibert Cather. Boston: Richard G. Badger, 1903.
Tall, thin 8vo.; bookplate on front pastedown; dark wheat paper-covered boards, label on front cover and spine; spine worn, label partially detached.   

Burton, Isabel.

Arabia, Egypt, India.

Sackville-West, Vita) Evelyn Irons.


 From the Sackville-West / Evelyn Irons Archive
In 1931, Evelyn Irons, as the Women's Page Editor of the Daily Mail, was sent to cover a poetry reading by Vita Sackville-West of her poem The Land. Afterwards, the two women met and there was an immediate and mutual attraction.  They arranged to...

Labor] Bradley, Edith.


The Edith Bradley Archive
[Labor]. Bradley, Edith. Manuscripts, Correspondence, and Printed Matter. 1895-1935
Edith Bradley (c.1859-1943) is a significant and neglected figure in the fight for women's equality, remembered best as the first Warden of the Lady Warwick Hostel,...

McSweeney, Joy.

ARCHIVE: Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs.

The Joy McSweeney Archive
McSweeney, Joy. Archive.
A collection of typed drafts, letters, journals, poems, photographs, legal papers and other miscellaneous documents belonging to journalist Joy McSweeney.
McSweeney (d. 1979) was a British writer peripherally associated with the...

Artists] Horvitz, Suzanne Reese.


A collection of printed matter documenting the career of painter Suzanne Horvitz.
Horvitz is a rare artist with a strong career in left and right brain arts, with a BFA and MA from the University of the Arts., and a Doctorate in College Teaching of the Fine Arts from Columbia...

Military] Try, Joyce.


[Military] Try, Joyce. WWII Correspondence Archive. 1943-46.
A voluminous trove of correspondence by Sgt. Joyce Try, ATS - Auxiliary Territorial Service - British Army Staff, Washington, DC; with related material.
93 Autograph letters signed and 15 Typed letters...


Athletics] Vanderhoef, Marion W.


Education] (Yale University) Pratt, Susan S.


[Education] (Yale). Pratt, Susan S. (Denison Olmstead, Benjamin Silliman, and William Tully). Material Documenting the Yale Studies of a Young Woman in the Sciences. [New Haven, Connecticut: 1846-1851].
A small archive as follows:
  • one leather-bound notebook (4" x 6"), with 98pp. of notes...


Theater] Brooklyn Histrionic Society (Mrs. L. L. Burnham)



Philanthropy] Queen Mary’s Needlework Guild.


Dudeney, Alice.


Lowther, Toupi.


Evans, Marie deGrasse.


Evans, Marie de Grasse. Manuscript Archive. 1863-1917.
A collection of seven discrete book length works, along with numerous additional items, by
American born Marie de Grasse Stevens Van Wart, daughter of Daniel Webster's friend the
Honorable Samuel Stevens of Albany, New York, and widow of...

Burstyn, Ellen.

Archive - four boxes and one bubble-wrapped package of oversized framed items.

The Ellen Burstyn collections of Bernhardt, Terry, and Gallienne
[Theater] Bernhardt, Sarah. Photograph Album: "Christmas Night under the Terror" at San Quentin Prison. Washington's Birthday. 1913.
Horizontal photograph album; 8 x 10 inches; black construction paper pages; 18 images affixed...

Floyd, Anna B.

Archive - "Resolved - That the Establishment of Womans Suffrage would be for the Good of the Country." Arguments in favor of Women's Suffrage.

A 19th-century Teen Debates Woman Suffrage
Floyd, Anna B. Manuscript material: "Resolved - That the Establishment of Womans Suffrage would be for the Good of the Country." Arguments in favor of Women's Suffrage, Presented by Anna Floyd, Age 18, at a Debate held in Liberty Hill, South Carolina,...

Hansberry, Lorraine.

Archive Additions.

Military - World War II] WAVES.

ARCHIVE: Archive of a Woman in the US Navy: Ephemera and Photographs, in two scrapbooks.

(Pankhurst, Emmeline) Smyth, Dame Ethel. Mrs. Pankhurst's Treatment in Prison. Statement by Dr.
Ethel Smyth. London: Printed and published by the Women's Social and Political Union, [1912].
4to.; 4 pp.; some contemporary annotations, and the withdrawl stamp at foot of p. 1 of the "The Women's

Suffrage - PA] League of Women Voters of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

ARCHIVE: Archive of letters, documents and clippings, bulking to 1920s-50s.

[Suffrage - PA] League of Women Voters - Pennsylvania. Allegheny County Archive: Letters,
Documents, and Clippings. 1921-1980.
An archive of documents and printed matter relating to the history and activities of the
Allegheny County League of Women Voters, one of the first women's political...

Education] Hirsch, Baron.

ARCHIVE: Baron de Hirsch Trade School Archive.

An Archive From The Baron De Hirsch Trade School, An Educational Venture For Jewish Young Men
[Education]. [Baron de Hirsch Trade School Archive]. [New York: self-published by the Baron de Hirsh Trade School, 1902-1911].
8vos.; an archive consisting of eight reports from the Baron de Hirsch...

Stowe-Allen, Georgiana.

ARCHIVE: Correspondence.

Unpublished and Untapped
(Stowe, Harriet Beecher, family) Stowe, Georgiana et al. Family archive.
A trove of over three dozen items - correspondence, with photos, drawings, and ephemera as well - primarily by Georgiana May Stowe-Allen, to Reverend H.F. Allen and others.  All unpublished and...

Clampitt, Amy.

ARCHIVE: Correspondence and manuscripts.

Amy Clampitt Archive
Approx. six cubic feet; ca. 1940s-80s.
Manuscripts and correspondence documenting the life and work of poet Amy Clampitt. Born in Iowa in 1920, Clampitt achieved success as a writer late in life. Her first book, Multitudes, Multitudes, was privately printed in 1973 and...

Clampitt, Amy.

ARCHIVE: Correspondence and Manuscripts.

Please see Dobkin Collection item #4655737 for full description.

ARCHIVE: Correspondence and Manuscripts.

Diaries] Leahy, Margaret.

ARCHIVE: Correspondence and notebooks.

British Housekeeping During WWII
(Diaries) Leahy, Margaret. Manuscript notebooks. September 14, 1942 - May 13, 1944.
3 vols., 16mo.; ca. 52 pp. each; printed wrappers.
Together with:
Leahy, Margaret. 18 Autograph letters signed and 1 autograph postcard signed, "Margaret Leahy," to...

Pankhurst, Emmeline and Christabel.

ARCHIVE: Correspondence and printed matter.

Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst:
Letters and Suffrage Publications
Pankhurst, Emmeline. Autograph Letter Signed "E. Pankhurst" to "Sir" [L. Alexander Gray]. Newton Abbot: January 9, 1908, one leaf Women's Social and Political Union stationery; bifolium; writing on three sides.  

Matter, Mercedes.

ARCHIVE: Correspondence, photographs, and printed matter.

Mercedes Matter
correspondence, photographs, and printed matter
Mercedes Matter was a central figure in the creation and expansion of American modernist painting, in particular Abstract Expressionism. The daughter of Philadelphia-based artist Arthur B. Carles, Matter studied first under his...

Gilchrist, Ellen.

ARCHIVE: Editorial Correspondence with Little Brown, with typescripts and printed material.

Ellen Gilchrist to Her Editors
Gilchrist, Ellen. Letters to editors at Little, Brown and related material, 1982-1986.
A series of 6 letters (4 TLS and 2 ALS), typescript material, and printed material from writer Ellen Gilchrist to her editors at Little, Brown; 1982-1986,...

Banana, Anna.

ARCHIVE: Ephemera.

Suffrage] National Woman's Party.

ARCHIVE: Ethel Adamson Archive of Correspondence and related material.

National Woman's Party Archive
From the Files of Ethel Adamson
National Woman's Party. Archive, 1941-1948.
An archive of correspondence and printed matter from the National Woman's Party, 1941-48 (with a concentration of material dated 1943). Present are typed signed incoming...

Irons, Evelyn.

ARCHIVE: Evelyn Irons Archive. 5 large slipcases.

The Evelyn Irons archive
Irons, Evelyn. Archive, 1900-2000.
An archive documenting the century-spanning life and work of award-winning female British journalist (and one-time love of Vita Sackville-West) Evelyn Irons (1900-2000), through approximately 80 manuscript and typescript articles...

ARCHIVE: Evelyn Irons Archive. 5 large slipcases.

Drucker und Frau, A.

ARCHIVE: German Émigré Family

Emigration Archive
[Judaica] Drucker Family. Ca. 1930s.
A fascinating archive that traces the life in Germany and the escape to America of the wife and son of a German doctor just before all doors were shut. Arthur Drucker served in WWI and married Johanna at the end of the war. His wife...

Education] Barrett, Janie Brown.

ARCHIVE] Janie Porter Barrett Family Papers, The.

Arendt, Hannah) McCarthy - Kohn

ARCHIVE: Kohn Archive of Hannah Arendt/Mary McCarthy material.

Unpublished children's story, "The Wise Animals"
Arendt, Hannah. The Wise Animals. (1945; trans 1991.)
Photocopies (2) of Arendt's unpublished 1945 German story for children (16 pp.) from the Library of Congress, together with unpublished Kohn's English translation: a first draft...

Gideon Family.

ARCHIVE: Letters and ephemera of the Gideon Family of Yonkers, New York.

Gideon, Miriam, Judith Gideon, Henrietta Shoninger Gideon, et al. Family Archive. 1892-1933.
Collection of letters and ephemera of the Gideon Family of Yonkers, New York, Boston, Massachusetts, and elsewhere, including composer Miriam Gideon, her...

Missionaries] Sprunger, Eva.

Archive: Letters documenting the experiences of female Mennonite missionaries in China during the Chinese Civil War.

[Missionaries] China. (Sprunger, Eva). Correspondence Archive Documenting the Experiences
of Several Female American Mennonite Missionaries in Kutien, China during the Chinese Civil
War. Kutien, Foochow, and Haitang Island, China, 1923-1938.
An archive of 36 very detailed letters to...

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