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Anthony, Susan B.

Woman's Rights Tracts.


Susan B. Anthony's Collection of Suffrage Pamphlets
Annotated and Specially bound
[Anthony, Susan B.] Woman's Rights Tracts. [N.d., but ca. 1902-1906.]
8vo.; a few minor tears to some pages; three-quarter marbled boards; black quarter-morocco spine; "Woman's Rights Etc Speeches" stamped in gilt on the spine; sticker residue from former accession number on spine; extremities worn.  In a specially made quarter-morocco slipcase.
A volume containing twenty-four scarce tracts and speeches about women's rights, suffrage, and abolition, published from 1845 to 1902. Rarely seen alone in commerce, these pamphlets were collected and specially bound by Anthony in the final years of her life; five of the pamphlets contain her annotations or marginal notes.  The words, "Presented by Susan B. Anthony" are written in black ink in an unknown hand on the front pastedown, which suggests that Anthony donated the book to the Rochester Theological Seminary herself. Ex-libris stamps are present of the Ambrose Swasey Library on front and rear pastedowns, and with the Rochester Theological Seminary bookplate affixed to front pastedown.
Included in the volume:
Annotated by Anthony
Woman's Rights Tracts No. 1. Syracuse: 1845. Third edition. Includes "The Rights and Condition of Women" by Samuel J. May and "Song of the Shirt" by Thomas Hood. 16 pp. Anthony signed her name in blue ink, and wrote her Rochester address, 17 Madison St., in the upper righthand corner of p. 1.
2. Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. Free Speech. At the 4th Annual N.Y. State Anti-Slavery Convention at Association Hall, Albany, NY, February 4th and 5th, 1861. 4 pp.
Annotated by Anthony
Sumner, Charles. The Prayer of One Hundred Thousand. Speech of Hon. Chas Sumner on the presentation of the first installment of the emancipation petition of the Women's National League. N.d. but ca. 1864. 4 pp. Includes a reprinted letter by Anthony that accompanied the petition. Anthony wrote in the year "1864" next to the subtitle, and notes in ink on the bottom on the first page, "This petition reached, before the close of 1864-the number of 165,000-."
4. Curtis, George William. Speech given before the New York State Constitutional Convention. Rochester, NY: 1867. 24 pp.
5. Gage, Mrs. M.E. Joslyn. Woman as Inventor. Issued under the auspices of the New York State Woman Suffrage Association. Fayetteville, NY: 1870. Labeled as "Woman Suffrage Tracts No. 1." 32 pp.
Annotated by Anthony
Channing, Rev. William Henry. Review of "The History of Woman Suffrage." From The Inquirer, London, Nov. 5, 1881. 24 pp. Below the Publisher's Notice on p. 21, Anthony has crossed out the publisher's address where orders of The History of Woman Suffrage could be mailed - both at the beginning and at the rear of the pamphlet - and signed "Susan B. Anthony Rochester N.Y." at the conclusion of it.
7. Palmer, Hon. Thomas W. Universal Suffrage. Speech of Hon. Thomas W. Palmer, of Michigan, in the Senate of the United States, Friday, February 6, 1885. 8 pp.
8. Minor, Francis. Woman's Legal Right to the Ballot: An Argument in Support Of. Reprinted from the new magazine, The Forum. December, 1886. 10pp.
Annotated by Anthony
Debate on Woman Suffrage in the Senate of the United States. Washington, DC: 1887. 87 pp. Anthony noted in blue ink on the verso of p. 87 the names and states of the senators whose remarks are included in the report. On p. 86, she also added tick marks next to the names of some of the senators who were absent for the vote on resolution S.R.5 (which would have granted women suffrage, but failed to gain the required 2/3 majority). Her annotations read as follows:
December 8, 1886 - Speech of Senator Blair
January 15, 1887 - Speech of Gov. Brown of Georgia
January 15, 1887 - Speech of Senator Dolph of Oregon
January 15, 1887 - Speech of Senator West of Missouri
January 15, 1887 - Letter of Clara B. Howard of Maine
January 15, 1887 - Speech of Senator [        ] of Massachusetts
The Senate Judiciary Committee, Jan. 23, 1880
The Senate Hearing of March 4, 1884 - [          ] the Select Committee
10. Hooker, Isabella Beecher. The Constitutional Rights of the Women of the United States.  An address before the International Council of Women. Washington DC: 1888. 37 pp.
11. The National Bulletin. Vol. I, no. 5. Washington, DC: February, 1891. 12 pp.
12. The National Bulletin. Vol. I, no. 6. Washington, DC: March, 1891. 4 pp.
13. The National Bulletin. Vol. I, no. 7. Washington, DC: April, 1891. 4 pp.
14. Hearing of the Woman Suffrage Association Before the Committee of the Judiciary. 1892. Includes addresses by Stanton, Anthony, Mott, Stone, and Hooker. 8 pp. Two copies included.
15. Woman Suffrage. Senate Committee on Woman Suffrage. Washington DC: 1892. 16 pp.
16. Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. Suffrage: A Natural Right. From "The Open Court." Chicago: Open Court Publishing Co., 1894. 9 pp.
17. Hearing before the Committee on Woman Suffrage. In the Senate of the United States. Washington, DC: February 21, 1894. 30 pp.
18. Hearing of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives. Washington, DC: January 28, 1896. 21 pp.
19. Hearing on House Joint Resolution 68. Before the Committee on the Judiciary. Washington, DC: February 15, 1898. 20 pp.
20. Report of Hearing before the Committee on Woman Suffrage. Washington, DC: February 15, 1898. 24 pp.
21. Hearing before the United States Senate Committee on Woman Suffrage. Washington, DC: February 13, 1900. 45 pp.
Annotated by Anthony
Congressional reports in favor of an amendment to the National Constitution prohibiting the disenfranchisement of United States citizens on account of sex. Washington, DC: n.d. 12 pp. Anthony notes the year, "1900," at the conclusion, in blue ink.
23. Woman Suffrage. Hearing before the Committee on Judiciary of the House of Representatives. Washington, DC: February 13, 1900. 35 pp.
24. Woman Suffrage. Hearing before the Select Committee on Woman Suffrage, United States Senate. Washington, DC: 1902. 39 pp.
Anthony's preserved omnibus of suffrage leaflets shed light onto this period of American history and her vital participation in it; this collection is unique not only for its provenance but also for its personalization.

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