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Tobias, R. B. and Mary E. Marcy.

Women as Sex Vendors.


Marcy, Mary E., and R.B. Tobias. Women as Sex Vendors. Or Why Women are Conservative. (Being a View of the Economic Status of Woman). Chicago: Charles H. Kerr Company Co-operative, (1918).
12mo.; cloth; dust-jacket; near fine.
First edition of this denunciation of the state of women who had come to rely upon their beauty rather than their brains and abilities to advance in the world, and a devastating swipe at alleged sex experts who used "scientific method" to denigrate the claims of the equality of women. H.L. Mencken, among others, praised the work.
A beautiful copy, in a near fine copy of the dust-jacket. Marcy, a socialist author, pamphleteer, poet, and magazine editor who supported her young siblings from a young age, was fired from her job as a stenographer for an American flag factory for wearing a button supporting populist William Jennings Bryan for President. Clarence Darrow heard of her trouble and secured for her a position as a stenographer for the president of the University of Chicago - a job which came with free tuition. Marcy took advantage of this perk to study psychology under John Dewey. When she married, she moved to Kansas City where she took a job in a meat packing plant, and wrote a series of muckraking articles: "Letters of a Pork Packer's Stenographer," for which she lost her job. Her affair with Socialist publisher Charles H. Kerr cost him his marriage. She continued to write, often under pseudonyms, (including her maiden name, Tobias"; her co-author for Women as Sex Vendors was her
brother Roscoe B. Tobias), and eventually went to work for Kerr.
She lost her home when she put it up to insure bail for IWW leader "Big Bill" Haywood, who promptly fled to Soviet Russia. Demoralized by the state of America, Marcy killed herselve in 1922.
Uncommon, especially in jacket.

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