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Military] WAAF.

Women's Auxiliary Air Force Recruitment Poster in Hebrew.

Printed matter

Hebrew Poster Recruiting Women to the War Effort
[Military] Poster: Women's Auxiliary Air Force Recruitment Poster. In Hebrew, "Serve in the WAAF Together with the Men of the Air Field." [ca.1943].
Poster: 19 x 28 inches; printed in black, red, and blue on white stock; creases from folding; eight small holes from hole-punch; few closed tears.
The Women's Auxiliary Air Force was created during World War II as a sub-category of the Royal British Army. It was known as the WAAF until it was renamed the Women's Air Force in 1949. Although the women of the WAAF did not serve in active combat, they were an essential part of the Royal Air Force's operations, assisting in a large range of operations such as aircraft maintenance and radar control. The allocation of a women's department within the Royal Army represents a larger trend of women breaking into the workforce during both World Wars.
The call for women to join the forces reached as far as the British Mandate of Palestine, where many Jewish women became sympathetic with the British cause, necessitating the production of recruitment posters in Hebrew, such as this one.
This poster, showcasing the Royal Air force Flag, urges women to, "Serve in the WAAF Together with the Men of the Air Field." Listed at the bottom of the poster are the addresses of three headquarters in the cities of: Jerusalem (???????), Tel Aviv (?? ????), and Haifa (????), suggesting this poster was reproduced for circulation throughout the British Mandate of Palestine.

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