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Roosevelt, Eleanor) Rosenman, Samuel I.

Working With Roosevelt.


From ER's Library
[Roosevelt, Eleanor]. Rosenman, Samuel I. Working with Roosevelt. New York: Harper and Brothers Publishers (1952).
8vo.; illustrated; blue cloth, stamped in gilt; spine rubbed.
First edition. Eleanor Roosevelt's copy, with her autograph comment, in pencil, on the front pastedown: Why no mention of Henry M. in Albany? Rosenman's memoir is one of the indispensable sources on the inner-workings of the Roosevelt administration. He started writing Roosevelt's speeches in the 1928 gubernatorial campaign, and remained Roosevelt's "ghost," off and on, until 1945. Even during the eight years that he spent as a Justice of the New York State Supreme Court (1932-1940)-a position appointed by FDR himself-Rosenman frequently laid aside his legal work to come down to Washington to pitch in on speeches and to take on various literary duties, such as the compilation of the multi-volume Public Papers and Addresses. After 1940 he left the court and became a full-time speech writer, working alongside Robert Sherwood and Harry Hopkins. Mrs. Roosevelt felt that Rosenman slighted Henry Morgenthau, the Roosevelt's Hyde Park neighbor and FDR's Treasury Secretary.

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